Finland – Ph. D.


Finland’s world-leading higher education system offers more than 500 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). The universities also offer English-taught doctoral degree options. Finnish higher education institutions have over 20,000 international students studying in several locations around Finland.


Ph. D. Scholarship in Finland

  • EduCareer facilitates consultancy services for full funded Ph.d. scholarships in Finland.
  • EduCareer arranges the Supervisor for Full funded Scholarship for Ph.D. based upon the research proposal to be submitted by the candidate.
  • There is requirement of IELTS/ English Language Certification with 5.5 bands for visa issuance.
  • The candidate will have stipend of Euro 1000 -2500 per month but candidate must have 1000 Euro with him/her because payment of stipend may take some months.
  • The EduCareer shall may complete the process in 18 months to arrange the “Right to Study” and the candidate may bring his family to Finland as well.

Why Study in Finland

  • Finland is best option for full funded Ph. D. scholarships.
  • After having “Right to Study”, your family can travel with you.
  • There is no time limit for completion of Ph.D.
  • You can earn Euro 1000 – 2500 based upon your performance.
  • IELTS not required but better to have IELTS with 5.5 Bands.
  • Family Living Cost is Euro 1200-1500.

Application Procedure
The candidate should email Color Scan Documents in best quality not Mobile Pics

  1. White Background Passport Size Photo
  2. CNIC/ B. Form
  3. Passport
  4. Euro Pass CV
  5. Vaccination Certificate
  6. Academic Certificates
  7. IELTS Certificate
  8. The candidate will submit attested undertaking on stamp paper in original.
  9. The candidate will submit Research Proposal.
  10. The candidate will Processing Fee of Euro 500 in advance.

Prof. Dr. Nizaamuddin, Pro-Rector, Superior University Lahore with interview the candidate for initiating the process for scholarship for Ph.D. in Finland.

Process for Ph.D.

  • EduCareer facilitates quality services to its clients.
  • EduCareer requests the Research Supervisors to fund your research based upon your research proposal.
  • It takes 3-4 months to get consideration of supervisor.
  • The candidate starts coordination with the supervisor through our team and satisfies the Supervisor regrading his/ her queries.
  • The Supervisors explores the research potential among the candidates and this process take 6-12 months.
  • When Supervisor is convinced, he agrees to fund your research and issue s”Right to Study”.

Fee Payment Procedure:

  • Processing Fee: Euro 500/- (Non Refundable/ Adjustable). This amount is utilized for arranging the Supervisor.
  • Consultancy Fee: Euro 500/- during coordination with Supervisor.
  • Consultancy Fee: Euro 4,000/- at issuance of “Right to Study”.


  • The candidate having Right to Study can apply for his/her visa along with family.
  • The Right to Study ensures the visa.

Family Residential Cost:
The candidate’s family living cost may range from Euro 15,00/- to on wards.

Doctoral Programs

  1. Accounting & Business Law
  2. Administrative Sciences
  3. Administrative Sciences, Business Studies and Politics (DPHKP)
  4. Applied Physics
  5. Architecture
  6. Architecture
  7. Arts Subjects (languages, culture, gender studies)
  8. Atmospheric Sciences
  9. Auditing and Control in Accounting
  10. Bio products and Bio systems
  11. Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
  12. Biological and Environmental Science (Doctor of Philosophy)
  13. Biology of Physical Activity (Doctor of Sport Sciences, Doctor of Health Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy)
  14. Biology, Geography and Geology (BGG)
  15. Biomedicine
  16. Biosciences
  17. Brain & Mind
  18. Built Environment
  19. Business Administration
  20. Business and Technology Management (TOTO)
  21. Business Law, Information and Knowledge
  22. Business Studies (Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration))
  23. Centre for Applied Language Studies (Doctor of Philosophy)
  24. Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  25. Chemical and Process Engineering
  26. Chemistry
  27. Chemistry and Materials Science
  28. Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
  29. Civil Engineering
  30. Clinical Research
  31. Clinical Veterinary Medicine
  32. Cognition, Learning, Instruction and Communication
  33. Cognitive Neuroscience (Doctor of Philosophy)
  34. Communication Studies
  35. Communications and Networking
  36. Communications Engineering
  37. Complexity Research Group (Administrative Sciences)
  38. Computer Science and Engineering
  39. Computing and Electrical Engineering (DPCEE)
  40. Dentistry
  41. Design
  42. Drug Research Doctoral (DRDP)
  43. Economics and Business Administration
  44. Education and Society (DPEDU)
  45. Educational Policy, Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education Research (KEVEKO)
  46. Educational Sciences and Psychology
  47. Electrical Engineering and Automation
  48. Electronics and Nano-engineering
  49. Energy Systems
  50. Engineering and Natural Sciences (TLTO)
  51. Engineering Science
  52. Environmental Physics, Health and Biology
  53. Exact Sciences (EXACTUS)
  54. Film, Television and Scenography
  55. Finance and Financial Accounting
  56. Fine Arts
  57. Food Chain and Health
  58. Forests and Bioresources
  59. Gender, Culture and Society
  60. Geography
  61. Geosciences and Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing
  62. Health Sciences (Doctor of Sport Sciences, Doctor of Health Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy)
  63. Historical Sciences
  64. History and Cultural Heritage
  65. History and Ethnology (Doctor of Philosophy)
  66. History, Culture and Arts Studies (Juno)
  67. Human Behaviour
  68. Human Resource Management
  69. Human Sciences
  70. Humans and Technologies (DPHAT)
  71. Industrial Engineering and Management
  72. Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State (DPInvest)
  73. Information and Service Management
  74. Information Processing Science
  75. Information Technology (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Doctor of Science (Technology))
  76. Integrative Life Science
  77. Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences
  78. International Marketing
  79. Language and Communication Studies (Doctor of Philosophy)
  80. Languages and Translation Studies (Utuling)
  81. LAW
  82. Learning, Teaching and Learning Environments Research (OPPI)
  83. Literary Studies (DPLS)
  84. Management Studies
  85. Marketing and Consumption Research
  86. Materials Research and Nanoscience
  87. Mathematics and Statistics (Doctor of Philosophy)
  88. Mathematics and Systems Analysis
  89. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology
  90. Mechanical Engineering
  91. Media, Communication and Performing Arts (DPMCP)
  92. Medicine, Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering (DPMBBE)
  93. Microbiology and Biotechnology
  94. Molecular Medicine (TuDMM)
  95. Music, Art and Culture Studies (Doctor of Philosophy)
  96. Networked Value Systems (NeVs)
  97. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
  98. Nursing Science (DPNurs)
  99. Oral Sciences
  100. Particle Physics and Universe Sciences
  101. Past, Space and Environment in Society
  102. Pharmaceutical Development and Medical Technology Philosophy (DPPH)
  103. Philosophy, Arts and Society
  104. Physics (Doctor of Philosophy)
  105. Physics and Astronomy
  106. Plant Sciences
  107. Political, Societal and Regional Changes
  108. Population Health
  109. Process and Environmental Engineering
  110. Program in Molecular Medicine
  111. Psychology (Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology), Doctor of Philosophy)
  112. Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology
  113. Renewable Energy
  114. School, Education, Society, and Culture
  115. Science, Technology and Computing
  116. SC-Research (SCR)
  117. Signal Processing and Acoustics
  118. Smart Electric Systems
  119. Social and Behavioral Sciences
  120. Social and Cultural Encounters
  121. Social Sciences and Philosophy (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Social sciences
  122. Sport Sciences (Doctor of Sport Sciences, Doctor of Health Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy)
  123. Strategic Business Development
  124. Sub-: Multidisciplinary Psychotherapy
  125. Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources Technology (DPT)
  126. Theology
  127. Theology and Religious Studies
  128. Welfare, Health and Management (WELMA)
  129. Wildlife Biology of Artistic Research in Performing Arts of Clinical Research, including dentistry


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